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Addressing Gambling Trends in Wales

In March 2022, Gamble Aware commissioned us with the goal of addressing problematic global gambling trends affecting young people in Wales. Our objective is to raise awareness about the risks of gambling and the repercussions of gambling addiction.


Gambling harm can be prevented, and we are committed to upskilling youth sector professionals to educate young people about the issues associated with problem gambling. 


Our Services

Welsh Gambling Education Hub Adferiad, offers a comprehensive set of resources, lesson plans, and activities created for professionals dealing with young people who may be struggling with these issues. 


Whether you want to:

  • expand your subject knowledge
  • upskill staff members
  • use our activities to engage young people
  • enlist the help of our team
  • become part of a nationwide network of support


We can create a bespoke package to suit your needs.

Tackling the Stigma of Gambling Addiction

Young people dealing with gambling addiction often feel alone in their experiences, leading to feelings of worry and isolation. Encouraging them to speak openly or seek help can be a challenge, which is why being able to recognise the signs and initiate conversation is so important.

Our training resources and materials equip professionals with the skills needed to address gambling behaviours.

Addictive Elements of Digital Games

Strategies used by game and app creators are contributing to a growing trend of youngsters developing a fascination with gambling from an early age.  The strategic and often subtle monetisation within these games is leading more and more individuals to become hooked on the thrill of gambling from a very young age.


WGEHA addresses four key areas of concern in our training program:


– Microtransactions

– Loot-boxes

– Social Casinos

– E-sports Betting


Our comprehensive training package is designed to equip professionals and individuals from youth-based organisations with essential knowledge and skills, ensuring optimal support for young people dealing with gambling addiction.

Professional Resources

Discover valuable information and advice on addressing the risks of gambling, recognising signs of addiction and supporting young people effectively.


Three core principles of the toolkit:

  • Training
  • Education
  • Support


Our dedicated team conducts engaging sessions for staff in schools, colleges, and youth-based organisations, providing vital training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We offer guidance on current gambling trends and effective strategies for supporting anyone struggling to control their gambling habits.


We offer a wealth of professional resources to enhance subject knowledge and facilitate informed conversation, including research papers, websites and apps. 


We are committed to reducing gambling harms by educating young people about the issues associated with problem gambling.


Suitable for individuals from KS3 through to college, our activities and workshop sessions cover a range of gambling-related issues and aim to explore and reflect the real-life situations that young people face today. 


  • Activity Toolkit

Access downloadable lesson plans and activities designed to stimulate young minds. Engage young people, initiate conversation and develop debate with a range of group-based and 1-1 activities. Modelled on the gambling school kit provided by Fast Forward, (link to Fast Forward site here),


  • Interactive Theatre Workshop Sessions

Explore the issue of gambling harms through interactive performances and roleplay.  Conducted in education and youth settings across Wales, and delivered by a lived-experience group, these sessions expose the repercussions and true cost of gambling addiction.


Our resources are a product of collaboration between WGEHA, academics, parents, practitioners, organisations and individuals with lived experience of gambling addiction.


Gambling can affect anyone.  Let’s work together to reduce the stigma of gambling.


Access the weblinks below for organisations offering further support and advice on gambling problems. 



Gambling support and counselling


Be Gamble Aware

Information on responsible gambling


Fast Forward

National gambling prevention organisation



NHS support for gambling addiction


Royal Society For Public Health (RSPH)

Reducing impact of gambling on health and wellbeing


Gambling Commission Information


Gambling Commission Report – Young people and Gambling 2023


Gambling Commission Strategy – National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms

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