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Gambling and Gaming – How Much is Too Much?

Discussing gambling and gaming behaviours can be a sensitive process, especially for young individuals who may feel a sense of failure or judgment.

Welsh Gambling Education Hub Adferiad (WGEHA) understands the challenges parents and carers face and is committed to providing support every step of the way. 

Where Do I Begin?

It can be difficult to know where to start when dealing with a sensitive issue like gambling.

WGEHA has developed this wealth of resources to help parents and carers spot the signs of problem gambling and navigate conversations that will help your child feel supported and free from judgment.

From Identification to Support

Identification – The signs of gambling-related issues can be subtle. WGEHA provides resources to help parents identify potential problems early.

Initiating the Conversation – Our team are on hand to offer guidance on how to hold open conversations about gambling and how to ask the right questions. 

Getting Help and Support – WGEHA offers information on finding support services specifically for young individuals facing gambling-related challenges.  We have compiled a list of organisations that provide advice on all aspects of gambling, from support for affected family members to debt management.

Online Gaming and Gambling

Addictive Elements of Digital Games

Young people are accessing online games more than ever.


Game and app creators use exciting yet subtle tactics to encourage young people to bet and gamble with money, often without them taking time to think about their actions. The strategies used by digital game developers are leading to more and more individuals becoming hooked on the thrill of gambling from a very young age. 


HWGEHA has identified four key areas of focus:


  • Microtransactions: Small transactions within games that can accumulate quickly, leading to unintended expenses.


  • Loot-boxes: Virtual items within games that can be purchased; resembling a form of gambling due to randomised content inside the box. There are no age restrictions currently on the purchase of loot boxes.


  • Social Casinos: Simulated gambling platforms on social media that can desensitise individuals to the risks of real gambling.


  • E-sports Betting: Wagering on the outcomes of competitive video gaming, which can introduce young individuals to gambling behaviours.


Alongside these elements, digital games can also feature lots of non-monetary gambling for ‘virtual’ rewards – encouraging early gambling habits and maximising the attraction of gaming.

Please feel free to contact us directly. We are here to support you, providing a caring and understanding platform for families seeking advice on gambling related issues.

Resources for Parents

For parents seeking guidance and support regarding youth gambling, the following external links provide valuable information:



GamCare offers counselling and support for families dealing with gambling-related issues.



BeGambleAware provides information on responsible gambling and support for affected families.


Fast Forward

Fast Forward is a national gambling prevention organisation offering resources for parents.


NHS Gambling Addiction Support

NHS provides support for gambling addiction, aiding parents in recognising signs and seeking help.



GamFam is a resource for families affected by gambling, offering practical advice and support.


Alerts Group

Alerts Group provides resources and support to help parents address gambling-related issues.


Betknowmore UK

Betknowmore UK specialises in supporting families affected by gambling, offering resources and assistance.



Samaritans offer emotional support to families facing challenges, including those related to gambling.

For Support with Debt

If gambling-related issues have led to financial concerns, the following links provide support for managing debt:


Debt Advice Foundation:

Debt Guidance: Debt Advice Foundation offers comprehensive debt advice and support for individuals and families.


National Debtline:

Debt Assistance: National Debtline provides free and confidential debt advice for families.

Gambling Commission Information

Stay informed about the latest trends and tips for parents regarding gambling and young people through the Gambling Commission’s informative guide:


Gambling and Young People – Latest Trends and Tips for Parents

Counselling Directory Article

Explore an informative article on gambling-related concerns:

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We know that addressing gambling behaviours can be challenging. 

You don’t need to tackle it alone.

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