Treatment Approaches

Education and Information

Welsh Gambling Education Hub Adferiad provide a comprehensive and free service that educates and empowers anyone working with young people to recognise and combat the potential harms of gambling and gaming.  We believe that prevention and early intervention are key to fostering a healthy relationship with technology and promoting responsible gaming behaviour.


The resources in our hub focus on developing open and honest conversations, providing the tools to promote effective communication with young people and guide them towards healthier choices.  Our training programme centres on the development of skills and strategies to effectively recognise, prevent and intervene in situations where young people may be at risk. 


We operate as part of the Adferiad Gambling Treatment Service and our programme is delivered in partnership with GambleAware, as well as the gambling hubs in England and Scotland. 

For other treatment approaches beyond our programme, we work closely with Parkland Place Adferiad.

Parkland Place is operated by Adferiad Recovery, a registered charity with more than four decades of expertise in supporting people with substance misuse conditions and behavioural addictions. Parkland Place is a medically run unit with residential facilities across two sites.

The Parkland Place team strive to empower positive changes in the lives of people affected by addiction, adverse mental health, unemployment, offending, and other life challenges, through a range of services and support.


Conwy Wales Town

If you have any questions or concerns, contact our team of experts. Together, we can raise awareness and provide support for young people affected by gambling addiction in Wales.

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