Gambling Awareness Training and Education

Welcome to the Education and Training section of our innovative gambling awareness project, designed specifically for parents and professionals who care about the well-being of young people in Wales. 


Rapid advances in technology have revolutionised the gambling landscape, in Wales, the UK and globally.  Children today are growing up in a digital era; where they are familiar with technology from a young age and are conditioned to view gambling and gaming as the new norm. 


With the emergence of new and sophisticated gaming techniques, recent data over the last few years has shown a significant increase in young people engaging in online gambling indicating that it is becoming an emerging public health issue in Wales

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We understand the importance of equipping you with the knowledge and tools to address the challenges posed by gambling and gaming to the young people of Wales today.


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and free service that educates and empowers people to recognise and combat the potential harms of gambling and gaming.  We believe that prevention and early intervention are key to fostering a healthy relationship with technology and promoting responsible gaming behaviour.


The programme is available to anyone working with children, young people, families and communities in Wales

In order to meet the changing demands of society, our service is constantly evolving and we are working hard to create comprehensive training packages to suit your needs.  We offer you bespoke CPD for your team or organisation alongside awareness sessions delivered directly to the people you support.


At Gambling Awareness Education Hub Adferiad we believe that education is essential in minimising gambling harms for young people. 


We focus on developing open and honest conversations, equipping you with the tools to effectively communicate with young people and guide them towards healthier choices.  Our training programme will give you the skills and strategies to recognise, prevent and intervene in situations where young people may be at risk. 


We can help you to move forward with confidence; giving you the tools to support the next generation in making healthier and safer choices.


    Training Programme for Adults

    Through our education and training programme, we offer expert guidance tailored to meet the unique needs of professionals, parents, carers and anyone that works with young people.  We provide bespoke and comprehensive CPD and training packages for adults.

    Educational Sessions for Young People

    Exploring gambling and gaming and the myriad of ways in which this can affect a young person’s life, family and future, we work with young people in schools and colleges.  Interactive theatre workshops and discussions help to bring the lived experience of gambling harm to life. 

    Resource Hubs

    For people seeking advice, data, contact or event details, our hub is easily accessible with a vast directory of resources providing a central point of reference and support.  Whether you are a teacher, counsellor, health-care professional or concerned parent, we are here to support you.


    Our engaging and informative materials delve into the various aspects of gambling, addressing both the psychological and social impacts they have on young minds and the often blurred links between gambling and gaming.  We provide insights into the latest trends, warning signs and risk factors associated with problem gambling and gaming behaviours.


    We will help you to…

      • Identify what gambling is increase awareness of gambling as a problem​
      • Increase awareness of latest gambling trends​
      • Increase confidence to talk about gambling​
      • Increase knowledge of risky behaviours and the impact of gambling​
      • Increase Level of knowledge on possible interventions and support​


      Our resource hub has been designed to allow you to

      Network with like-minded professionals, parents and carers who share the same concerns.

      Access educational materials and lesson plans to explore themes surrounding gambling harms with young people.

      Explore a vast range of information, resources and links to help support families, professionals and agencies.

      Within the hub are activities that have been specifically designed for use with young people.  We work closely with educational settings to provide useful and relevant materials to help young people in Wales to understand the risks associated with gambling.  The activities in the hub are wide ranging and may form the basis for a lesson, series of lessons or provide an opportunity for discussion, debate or performance.

      Join us today and take advantage of out free resources and training opportunities.  Together we can make a difference in promoting a safe and responsible gaming environment for the young people in our lives. 

      Together we can build a strong support system and create a positive impact on the lives of young people in Wales.

      We have crafted a large range of activities to be carried out as part of our gambling awareness campaign.