Welsh Gambling Education Hub Adferiad

The Welsh Gambling Education Hub is a platform that aims to reduce gambling harms among children and young people across Wales through early intervention and prevention. We aim to do this by providing young people, and those who are responsible for their care, a range of engaging and helpful resources to help communicate the real dangers of gambling and the significant impact it can have on families. The Welsh Gambling Education Hub is delivered by Adferiad and commissioned by GambleAware.


Our plan

We want to ensure that every young person in Wales can access support.

We aim to do this by:

  • Coproducing educational resources aimed at children and young people facing potential gambling harms
  • Developing a programme of training aimed at upskilling youth sector professionals to identify and support young people at risk of gambling harms
  • Creating and delivering impactful schools-based theatre performances to educate children and young people on gambling harms
  • Welcoming other organisations to found a Welsh Gambling network, which will provide support and information to professionals, reduce duplication of information and increase the efficiency of delivering gambling support services for young people.


We are looking for teachers, parents/carers and professionals working within the youth sector to become partners and/or get involved in supporting this work across Wales.

The benefits of involvement will include:

  • Free bespoke training to your school/college/organisation around gambling related harms and gambling trends
  • Ongoing support and information on gambling related harms 7
  • Access to a library of online resources and engagement tools on gambling related harms to help start the conversation about gambling
  • Opportunity to be a part of a nationwide network of support and kept up to date on gambling policies and relevant legislation

We are dedicated to providing an inclusive service that promotes opportunities for all, and does not tolerate discrimination. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds, inclusive of ethnic background, disability, sex, religion or belief, gender identity or reassignment, sexual orientation, age, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, veteran status, and all other aspects of a person’s identity.

At Welsh Gambling Education Hub Adferiad, we understand the devastating impact that gambling addiction can have on young people.  Our hub has been developed with a primary focus on education and the prevention of harmful behaviors associated with gambling and gaming addiction.  Our overarching goal is to enhance awareness of the diverse range of issues stemming from gambling harm and equip parents, carers and professionals with the necessary tools to identify issues and provide support with confidence.  The resources offered within the hub have been created in collaboration with professionals, educators and individuals who have witnessed first-hand the destructive effects of gambling, gaming and addiction.

Adferiad Recovery Mission Statement

We work with our clients to engage and support them throughout their recovery. We use proven mutual aid, peer mentoring and social prescribing approaches to help people take control of their lives, create their own plan for recovery and work towards independence and prosperity


Explore our site to learn more about gambling addiction and how we can help.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact our team of experts. Together, we can raise awareness and provide support for young people affected by gambling addiction in Wales.