About Gambling Addiction

What is gambling addiction? 

Gambling addiction is a serious problem that can affect anyone regardless of their age, gender or background. It’s when someone becomes so obsessed with gambling that it starts to affect their life in a negative way.  They may spend more money than they can afford, neglect their responsibilities and even lie to the people around them about their gambling.  They may even start to sacrifice basic routines such as eating and sleeping in order to fulfil their desire to access gambling. 

Gaming addiction is the same as any other addiction but is specifically focused on electronic games.  It’s when someone becomes so engrossed in gaming that they neglect other areas of their life such as school work, social relationships, personal hygiene and physical health.

What do we mean by ‘gambling harm’ ?

‘Gambling harm’ or ‘gambling -related harms’ are the terms used to describe any adverse effects from gambling that may impact the health and well-being of an individual.  These harms can have wide-reaching consequences, impacting various aspects of people’s lives such as relationships, finances, family, health and community.


Can’t seem to stop thinking about gambling?


Struggling to switch off?


You are not alone.

How much gambling is too much?


The Gambling Act 2005 defines gambling as a leisure activity that involves “betting, gaming, or participating in a lottery.”


There are various ways to engage in gambling activities, ranging from lotteries, bingo, and scratch cards to arcade games, slot machines, and sports betting, among others.   However, the surge in online gambling in particular has raised concerns about problem-gambling and sparked calls for stricter regulations.


With technology advancing rapidly, gambling has become more accessible than ever before.


The popularity of mobile phones has made it easier to access gambling while also making regulation more challenging. The introduction of new games and improved internet access has further enhanced the appeal and convenience of gambling. A report published by Bangor University in 2019 revealed that over half of 18-24 year-olds who gamble online do so via their mobile phone. The report also highlighted an increase in the number of young adults engaging in gambling outside their homes, showing a fifth of 18-24 year-olds gamble while at work, with many others gambling during their commutes or social activities. This unrestricted, continuous access to gambling highlights how technology can heighten the risks of gambling-related harms in Wales


But how much is too much ?   


UK Data

A report published in July 2022 by the Gambling Commission discovered that 43% of individuals aged 16 and over in the UK had participated in some form of gambling activity within the previous four weeks. Furthermore, a 2019 study published in the Journal of Public Health ranked the UK as having the 10th highest per capita gambling spend in the world.

Welsh Data

According to the Journal of Public Health 2019 ‘Is gambling an emerging public health issue for Wales, UK

  • Approximately 61% of adults in Wales, totalling around 1.5 million people, had gambled in the past year.
  • Around 1.1% of the Welsh population, equating to approximately 30,000 people, self-reported having a gambling problem.
  • An estimated 3.8% of people in Wales, approximately 117,800 individuals, are considered at risk of developing a gambling problem.


These figures result in an annual estimated excess cost of gambling for Wales, ranging from £40-£70 million. This includes expenses incurred by public services such as health services, criminal justice, welfare, unemployment, and housing services.

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How we can help.

A Welsh Gambling Hub Adferiad we are committed to providing accessible and up-to-date information about gambling and gaming addiction.  We are here to help you understand the risks involved and provide advice on how to stay safe.


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