A-Z of Gambling

Adferiad Funded by GamCare

This activity, developed around the letters of the alphabet, helps participants share and explore the information and opinions they have about gambling, while learning some of the terminology related to gambling.



10 Minutes


Flip-chart, Felt-tip pens

Materials to print

A-Z of Gambling practitioner notes (optional)



Write down on some flip-chart
sheets the letters of the alphabet.


Ask the group to write down next to
each letter any word related to
gambling they can think of.


Once they have finished, help them
to discuss what they have written
and clarify any terminology they
haven’t met before. This should give
you an overview of their knowledge
and thoughts about gambling.
Encourage them to say what they
think of gambling – some may be
keener than others who, perhaps,
think it’s rather a waste of money.
Be ready to introduce terms they
haven’t thought of, and that you
judge relevant to their needs and
stage of understanding, explaining

Alternative options:

You can go round the room and ask participants to
name something to do with gambling that begins with
the first letter of their name, as an icebreaker at the
start of a session.

With bigger groups, you can split participants in 3
teams, with a flip-chart paper each (A-H; I-O; P-Z) and
with 1 felt-tip pen each (3 different colours). Rotate the
flip-charts every 3 minutes, so that all the groups have
a chance to add their ideas on the whole alphabet. At
the end, the different colours on the flip-chart should
let you identify which team wrote what: this might be
helpful if you are focusing the discussion on their views
and opinions of gambling.

Practitioner Notes

Some ideas for A-Z words about Gambling

Addiction, addicted, adrenaline, all
in, ante, affiliates

Bookies, bingo, broke, betting
shop, buzz, blockers

Chance, casino, cost, coupon,

Dealer, debt, dog racing, dice,
disorder, dopamine hit

Expensive, excitement

Fixed odds betting terminals, fruit
machines, football

Greedy, gambling GG’s, games,
gambling blockers

High risk, horse racing, house,
hope, hooked

Internet, infectious, in-game

Jackpot, joker, jack

Kiosk, kick on, king

Losing, lottery, loan shark, Las
Vegas, lucky, loot boxes, limits

Money, machines, millionaire

Naïve, nervous, no winners

Odds, online gambling, organised

Poker, problem, puggies,

Questions, quitting, quality of life

Risk, racing, raffle, roulette

Stake, scratch card, slot machines,
sports, stealing, suicide,
streaming, skins

Ticket, Tombola

Unseen, underlying issues, unfair

Value for money, vulnerable
people, VIP, Vegas

Winning, wager

X rated (= over 18)

Young people

Zeno’s paradox, zone (in the zone),
zeros (000,000)